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Rising Stars: Meet Taylor Anderson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Taylor Anderson.

Hi Taylor, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.
This will be an Odd Segway into how I go into starting and establishing my social media page… but I was actually inspired to travel the world by a very famous and popular animal planet show and iconic docu-reality TV star.

The Crocodile hunter himself, Steve Irwin. I LOVED THAT SHOW and that show exposed me to the idea that there is so much more to see in the world than the Cincinnati Zoo and Ohio and I just knew that I wanted at least a young age to see and experience the world.

I made my way from Ohio to the state of Florida after graduating from The Ohio State University 6 years ago. I have lived and moved around Florida quite a bit for my job taking on many roles.

But most recently Tampa has been my home for the last 3 years and has also been the city that I have lived in the longest since leaving college. I have another full-time career, but I also am a travel, food, and lifestyle content creator that runs my own social media page, TaylorToksAlot, as well as a UGC or User-generated content creator, who creates videos and content for other brands to use on their own social media pages.

Probably, like many people I started dabbling in TikTok during the pandemic. Initially, I just utilized TikTok as a viewer watching all of the fun dances, and then I discovered that TikTok had so much more to offer and worked almost like a digital live motion Pinterest.

I started my Tiktok page during the pandemic. With all of the travel restrictions and lockdowns between different states and countries and that I was pretty much restricted to just traveling within Florida, I took that time to really explore the different restaurants and things to do around Tampa, Orlando, and central Florida.

Also, since I have traveled to many different places and I have lived in various parts of Florida friends, family, and friends of friends were constantly asking my advice on the best places to eat, things to do, and the best experiences in Florida and the many different cities I have traveled to around the world so instead of constantly writing the same advice over and over again.

I created a page that catalogs all of those amazing restaurants and my favorite experiences and things to do. And that is how my page was initially born… as I figuratively speaking “ became a tourist in my own state” I would highlight all of my favorite restaurants, food, activities, and experiences throughout Florida and post them on my TikTok page.

I never really sought to become TikTok famous or have this huge following but I started my page as a hobby and a place for me to express my creativity showcasing all of the local places around Tampa, Orlando, and central Florida. As my page has grown I have expanded my content to more of a travel, experiences, and lifestyle page taking my followers “with me” to all of the places I travel.

My page caters to the person who wants to see the world but maybe doesn’t know where or how to get started with planning to go to that place. My page makes it easy because I highlight all of the top things to do and essentially cut down on the research time for many of my followers.

The growth of my page has been nothing but a blessing and the community that my page has created is awesome and has opened up a ton of opportunities for me to work with different kinds of brands and also expand what I can offer in the social media world.

I have always had personal social media pages but just posting a pretty picture had started to become very boring to me and had no value to me and I wanted a page that brought value to others, which is why I started my TikTok page.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
For the most part, creating my page has been a smooth road. I initially didn’t create my page to be “social media famous” it was more of a hobby and something that I enjoy doing and an easy way to relay travel tips to others who might be seeking it.

The biggest challenge for me was learning how to edit on the app initially and also how the #hashtags worked and how they help grow your reach to others.

Like for anyone, it’s always frustrating when you spend a lot of time editing a video and you think it’s going to do really well, and then it gets like 3 views, while other videos that you spent 5 minutes on will go viral, but for the most part I try to remember that this page is supposed to be fun.

I made a promise to myself that the moment creating becomes not fun that I would take a break from it.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I am a part-time social media influencer/creator. I specialize in travel, food, and lifestyle content creation. I also just recently got into UGC creation or User-generated Content creation in which I create content for other brands for them to use on their own social media platforms and websites.

One thing that set’s me apart from other travel pages is that I really try to create a diverse community on my page. My page is really built for the average traveler and as a diverse travel creative, I hope everyone can see themselves in my page and the places I highlight.

I strive to show that travel to the majority of the world can be accessible, affordable and I have taken a lot of the mental planning out of their hands because they already know where to eat and whether or not it was worth it, they already know what experiences to splurge vs save on because my page talks about all of these things.

What matters most to you? Why?
The most important thing to me is conveying the message that traveling the world is accessible and achievable for the everyday person.

As someone who grew up very middle class, who didn’t see someone like themselves represented in travel and leisure magazines and wanting to see all of the worlds, but thinking that traveling outside of the country to those dream destinations like the Bahamas, Thailand, Greece, and Europe was only for the very rich, I want my followers to know that you can see those places and its easier than you think.

My page is for the average traveler who doesn’t know where to start or even think they can get to one of those marquee travel destinations. I can show them how, and also what to do when they get there.

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