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Rising Stars: Meet Elise Hummel

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elise Hummel.

Hi Elise, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
I am passionate about my journey in service to others, as my struggle with mental health started at a young age. I have experienced multiple forms of therapy for my own healing including: CBT, DBT, interpersonal therapy, short-term hospitalizations, and inpatient residential treatment for multiple eating disorders, PTSD, and Major Depression. During this time, I have learned many different ways to cope with trauma and gathered numerous tools to aid in my service to others.

Last year, I started to create different forms of art as expression, a tool to help me release my emotions. Once I started, I never stopped. In stepping further into alignment with my future self, I combined all of my gifts: teaching, mentorship, entrepreneurship, passion for personal development, art, intuition, public speaking, coaching, the tools I learned through my own personal struggle with mental health and most importantly my drive to serve others. Through this journey, I created Radiant Wellness Events.

I found that I had a unique way of pairing meditation, followed by art expression, that served as a step-by-step process. This created a completely new space for healing, expression of emotion, and a mindset for creating that I had not experienced anywhere else.

I believe that anyone can be an artist. I guide others to find their unique artistry by using mindfulness practices to bring others back to the moment and let go of limiting beliefs. At Radiant Wellness Events, we hold space in community to allow others to express themselves, as the more we show up in the world as our authentic selves the more we feel connected as one.

Art is not just what we see on the walls in a gallery. It’s the way we look at a beautiful sunrise in the morning, the way we make our favorite cup of coffee. It’s the way we craft our food with precise measurement or with none at all. Art is the way we deeply love our family, or admire our partner, work our craft, or how we feel in awe of the moon. It’s the way we express emotions. Art is the imagination, it’s recalling a funny story when we can’t stop laughing.

Each person has a unique style, a different thing that inspires them. The way we feel, move, admire, observe, express. Art is entirely up to the person.

The objects of creation that are made at a Radiant Wellness Event serve as grounding tools back to the present moment. Whether it is a painting, a cup, a stepping stone, an affirmation box, or a gratitude journal… these objects remind each artist of their power to come back to the present and be the creator of their limitless reality. These objects are a reminder of letting go of the past and calling in a future of alignment.

This is the mastery of becoming the true artist of your life. This is why I created Radiant Wellness Events.

Has it been a smooth road? What are the challenges you’ve faced along the way?

This road has definitely had many, many challenges. I used to call them “tests”, and now I know that they aren’t tests at all. These challenges are opportunities for me to prove to myself that I am aligned with my values and that I’m living in alignment. I have learned that you cannot control the things that happen in your life, but you can control how you react to them. Whenever I am sent that unexpected curveball, I have the opportunity to ask myself:

How is life happening for me right now?

How can I stay in alignment with my values?

How can I use the tools that I have learned to calm my nervous system?

What emotions are coming up for me and how can I best express them?

These questions allow me to come back to the present, and know that no matter what happens in the external world, my internal guidance system is grounded. Overcoming these challenges, are when profound change has happened for me: my first business never getting off the ground, living out of a suitcase in and out of Airbnb’s, mourning the loss of family members and loved ones, allowing my physical and mental health to suffer, watching my relationships die. Until I learned to express myself in a healthy way, I was always battling myself and others. I didn’t feel like I had a purpose, or a mission.  These times when I was struggling, looking back, are what created my mission and what continues to fuel my passion for sharing tools for mindfulness, an expression. I don’t want others to feel the way that I did in the past. Unable to cope with stress and challenges, always in fight or flight, my body was suffering constantly. I know there is another way to live now, and I have to share what I’ve learned.

Do you have recommendations for books, apps, blogs, etc?
I really enjoy Dr. Joe Dispenza. He says, “you have to feel so much gratitude that your body begins to change ahead of the actual event, and accept that the new ideal already is you”. The reason why I enjoy it so much is I believe that we can change our future by visualization and meditation. If we go into our day consistently doing the same behaviors, we can and should accept the same results. However, we have the ability to change our experience by visualizing what we want, consistently, by becoming like I say “the artist” of our future, feeling the emotion of that future, holding the gratitude and vibration, like its already happened and walking into a new life, consistently. All we have to do is come back to the present and let go of the past.

Who else deserves credit – have you had mentors, supporters, cheerleaders, advocates, clients or teammates that have played a big role in your success or the success of the business?  If so –who are they and what role did they plan / how did they help.
There is such an amazing group of artists in St. Petersburg who are all collaborating together. They are always there to offer help with projects, and support in any way that they can. I am constantly learning new things from this community.

I’m really grateful for my friends who offer their areas of expertise that allow me to grow and expand. We all share beautiful connections in alignment to grow the collective consciousness and heal together. I couldn’t be happier with the people I surround myself with, and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

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