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Meet Miranda Mitchell

Today we’d like to introduce you to Miranda Mitchell.

Hi Miranda, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I lived a lot of my life caught in the momentum of reaction. When I finally found yoga in 2012, I started noticing that I was becoming more aware of life and the decisions I made. I started to find happiness in the stillness and focus of the breath. This time of silence helped me become aware of what my life was; I was in a relationship that no longer fulfilled me and I was in a business that primarily focused on the external looks of the body. I was wanting more, so I ended my relationship, I signed up for my first yoga teacher training and started to do the internal work that I had for so long pushed down. I stayed on this journey diligently for five years.

I took teacher training after teacher training to make myself do the work of vulnerability and then as I started teaching Mysore for others, I realized that I wanted to be able to learn how I could help my students go deeper through questioning. This is when I started diving into learning how to coach. This was my next step in personal growth. Through learning and practicing these strategies, I went even deeper into releasing my own trauma’s. I started to work on my childhood wounds of not feeling loved or supported by my mother and father, released beliefs of not being good enough and always “bettering” myself and even my money blocks which had kept me struggling and playing small until then. Then I found Human Design! Human Design put everything into perspective. It gave me tangible proof of everything I knew inside but wasn’t sure how I knew. The bodygraph showed me that I was here to learn through struggle and how I perceived that struggle. That my life was about adventure and challenge and I was to learn how to learn which “struggle” was worth going through so that I could grow from it and help others through my experience. In my chart, it shows me (in the planet Mercury, which is what I am here to communicate about) are the gates of challenge/adventure and perspective. Once I connected with this, I intentionally started to open up and talk about my past with no filter. Although it brings up so much emotion and pain and fear (for others in my family), I know it is what I am here to talk about and bring forward. I am here to heal the karmic patterns of domestic violence, abandonment and abuse for my family through helping others heal.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
Definitely a long journey of struggle. When I was young my parents chose to live “harder” than others. We lived off grid in Vermont, often did not have hot water, and at times had no electricity and limited food. We (the kids) were often on our own to get ourselves to school and we did not have any parental structure. We went to bed when we wanted, went to the school when we wanted, we fixed our own meals and ate when we wanted. I truly feel like my mother was not happy and had just lost the drive to do anything. My father worked nights and slept all day so he wasn’t there for us either.

I moved out at 14 and starting living with friends, boyfriends and lived in a car for a while. I was in numerous relationships with domestic violence and had no self-love, worth or value in myself. There were many years of drinking, drugs, being promiscuous and even cutting myself so that I could actually feel something. I remember I would do this because I could feel when there was pain; otherwise, I was totally numb.

Until I had my first son, once I had my kids, I had a reason to live and a reason to better myself. I was going to give my kids what I did not have. This is where the cycle of “bettering” myself started. I put myself through school, I got certification after certification and I was always learning. I had become so focused on bettering myself that I became consumed with it. Life became about “proving” to myself that I was good enough and I lost total connection with others. I had become very cold. I didn’t trust anyone, I didn’t need anyone and I knew if I wanted something done, it had to be me to do it. Although I was in a relationship, I was never fully in it because I always protected myself for “when” things fell apart. This is how I kept proving to myself that I wasn’t loveable. I believed this so deeply that I chose the experiences that would reflect my beliefs. Until I found yoga and started to look within and accept the truth. This is where the awareness of energetics changed my life.

Appreciate you sharing that. What else should we know about what you do?
I am an Energetic Alignment Coach & Quantum Human Design™ Specialist. The awareness of the importance of energetics has moved me towards wanting to help others connect to theirs. Once a person learns where they have consistent energy (authentic self) and where they receive energy from others it instantly creates acceptance, love and compassion for self. It is my mission to help others reconnect to who they truly are, what their purpose is, and help them heal so that they can create the life that they truly want. Although I work with anyone that wants to become aware of their energetics I primarily work with leaders in their industry. I feel drawn to help leaders because if I help them align with their true purpose and energetics, they in turn will do the same for others. I am here to create as much awareness as possible in the importance of energetics so we all can step into a more sustainable, loving and fulfilling life.

What sets me apart from others is my perspective on my own life journey, my awareness in how truly connecting with purpose and energetics changes things very quickly and my love and compassion for each individual that I come into contact with. Now that I have the tangible evidence that Human Design has given me I am boldly stepping into creating more impact ( would have never guessed I used to be shy) so that I can help others do the same. It is my calling and I am so thankful for every stage of my existence.

How can people work with you, collaborate with you or support you?
If you are interested in Human Design and learning your unique energetics, the first step is to get your free chart and short video (button on site); once you have received and it peaks your interest, the next step is scheduling a Foundational Reading. This reading will help you become aware of your unique energy blueprint so that you learn how to make clear decisions, will help you connect with what is important for you to do to stay grounded within your energy and will give you tangible evidence and confirmation in what you truly already know, but may have let doubt or fear hold you back.

From there, we can discuss what feels best for you in furthering your journey with Human Design; there are monthly group and 1:1 options or the Aligned on Purpose Intensive in a group or 1:1 setting.

If you are a leader, entrepreneur or professional and want to implement Human Design within your team dynamics so that everyone is in the role that best suits them and their energetics, please reach out so we can discuss on a deeper level.


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