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Inspiring Conversations with Isaiah Smallwood of Swoll Camp

Today we’d like to introduce you to Isaiah Smallwood.

Hi Isaiah, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I was inspired to start Swoll Camp because of a brief moment where I was lost in my fitness journey physically and mentally. I had always been the fittest and most confident person in the room my whole life, but when I transitioned from being an athlete at FSU to graduating with a finance degree and a full-time job, I lost myself somewhere. I, of course got myself back, but I do not want anyone to experience what I went through so I started Swoll Camp to spread the physical and mental benefits of physical fitness. I also give educate on fitness tips, myths, misconceptions, and advice utilizing my social media to help the community. Fitness knowledge is so crucial we only have one body. Especially during the times that we are in knowledge on how to take care of your body and the benefits of fitness are so crucial. We are able to strengthen our immune systems to fight the virus as well, but that has received no national spotlight, it is a free preventative measure that can save lives! Fitness is my passion!

My name is Isaiah Smallwood, I graduated from Florida State University with a degree in finance and a minor in hospitality. There I also played football. I was inspired to start Swoll Camp because there was a period of time where I started to lose myself physically and mentally which was something I had never experienced before. Transitioning from being an athlete to the corporate professional world started to take a toll on me in a number of different ways. I became a prediabetic, mental fog everyday, my body started to look the worst it had ever looked, muscle atrophied, motivation was minimal, my quality of life was at an all time low it was nothing that resembled who I knew Isaiah Smallwood was. I realized I needed to make drastic changes because I refused to continue life like this when I have known it to be 100x better. I started to workout smarter, sleep more, drink a gallon of water a day, switched to a pescatarian lifestyle which I have lived for over 32 months now, and that’s just a few improvements I made! Eventually, through perseverance, accountability, commitment, consistency, and discipline I started to recognize that person in the mirror again as Isaiah Smallwood. And that’s when I decided to start Swoll Camp because if I wanted to help educate others and demonstrate to others the importance of taking care of your body and how to do it because you only get one body. If I could start go from a top tier collegiate athlete to feeling so bad I felt I needed tests ran on me in less than two years while hitting the gym five times a week still I can only imagine how horrible someone who has never or has no idea on how to take care of their health feels! And it is not 100% their fault we live in a country where health education is not taught to us growing up and fast food is the cheapest most accessible food option. My very first Swoll Camp group sessions were me training my PwC coworkers in the mornings on the weekends within my apartment complex. Fast forward to now and my apartment complex is one of my corporate clients where I now conduct group fitness sessions open to the whole complex. Swoll Camp has become a residential amenity!

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
I have faced a ton of obstacles along the way and I’m confident that they will continue to attempt to impede my progress, however you have to persevere and adapt. You only lose when you quit. When covid hit, I lost all of my clients because everyone was stuck inside for so long and motivation to be active was at an all time low. So I had to pivot, I started to conduct my Swoll Camp group fitness sessions over Zoom on the weekends and started to offer virtual personal training. I’ve also faced obstacles with reaching now a new audience, building clientele, and the biggest obstacle which is becoming the master of myself.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
My health and fitness advocacy business is called Swoll Camp! What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Swoll? Yes, it is that physical pump when you feel like you can crush the world, but Swoll is more importantly a mentality. Swoll is that feeling in your muscles after you just crushed a grueling workout. Swoll is achieving the body you are most comfortable with. Swoll is the mental fortitude you have to keep going even when life looks its bleakest. Swoll is the strength to stay disciplined regardless of temptation. Swoll is that supreme confidence you see every time you look in the mirror, knowing you can do anything you truly want! I want everyone to adopt the Swoll Mentality.

Our 5 Pillars are consistency, accountability, perseverance, commitment, and discipline. We believe living an overall healthy lifestyle sustainable for you is the foundation of success. We will challenge you physically and mentally, ranging from the gym to the kitchen. Our mission is to add value to your life by helping you realize how powerfully confident you should be in yourself to accomplish anything!

Swoll Camp offers a number of different services: health/fitness education, private training, group training, virtual training, meal recommendations, life coaching, and accountability coaching. When someone hires a personal trainer, the expectation is you are going to get someone that will help you physically achieve your dream body and that’s it. I am not a personal trainer; I am a Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. I take a few steps further. My goal is to help you achieve that dream body, be there for you emotionally when life hits you hard, hold you accountable to constantly work towards your personal goals, educate you about eating right and hydrating properly while also instilling Swoll Camp’s 5 Pillars within you so that one day you can leave me too and continue your journey in life with a solid foundation for success.

Workouts wise I specialize in 6 pack ab training, group sessions, HIIT training, and functional training using minimal equipment. I can give you the best workout of your life with no equipment, a gym is a luxury.

What sets me apart from others is I’m the Coach that talks the talk but also walks the walk. I practice what I preach. Lead by example. I cannot stand to see coaches that tell their clients to live a certain way but do not actually live like that. And I will never put a client through a workout I couldn’t complete. If you want me to I’ll happily knock out the workout with you.` I also am out in the community volunteering as a motivational speaker to the youth and student leader at my church. I believe in giving back and setting that example, especially for the youth.

I am proud of what I have built with Swoll Camp thus far. It would not be possible without God, my family, and friends. One fitness challenge I am very proud of is I crushed a pumpkin with my bare hands, check it out on my Instagram.

I host community events frequently ranging from dodgeball games to free group sessions open to everyone. To stay up to date with those, my weekly Swoll Tips and exclusive discounts subscribe to my Swoll Clique newsletter by visiting my website. There you can also set up a free consultation with me to get you started on your fitness journey.

My clients range from the average everyday person to athletes to business owners. Whoever wants to help themself become the best version of themself is who I want to work with. My clients also include apartment complexes that I target so that I can bring group fitness to them and offer Swoll Camp as an amenity. Lots of complexes and corporations need to meet quotas each month for a health/fitness event, I can help meet that need. This is where my focus with Swoll Camp is mainly.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you?
Life happens to us all, but one thing I have realized is that regardless we have to keep going. Through the highest highs and the lowest lows take it for what it is, realize that this too shall pass and keep going. No excuses, we should not compare ourselves to others, but it always motivates me to see someone with less persevere through adversity until they complete their mission. If another man can I can no excuses. Continue to pray to God and build that relationship with him, that’s the key.

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