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Hidden Gems: Meet Adam Hoffman of Hoffman’s Fitness

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Hoffman. 

Hi Adam, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
Since I could walk, I’ve been active in all types of activity. My passion, however, was BMX racing. I remember I would ride my bike the 5 miles to the BMX track, ride for 6-8 hours, and then ride 5 miles back to the house multiple times per week. I loved it! Those were mostly my early teenage years, but I still took the bike with me when I moved to Las Vegas and I’d ride it often there. In 2006 however, everything changed when I flipped over my handlebars and landed on my left shoulder, crushing it. I’m now the proud owner of a titanium plate that helps keep my shoulder in place. At the time, I weighed 160 pounds soaking wet. At 5’11”, that’s pretty slim and skinny. I decided at that point to head to the gym to build muscle so that I would bounce, not break the next time I flipped over my handlebars. Interestingly, the opportunity to bounce not break reared its ugly head just 6 months ago, and I’m proud to say I did bounce and roll, NOT break. It was a very exciting realization. While learning to build muscle, I fell in love with training my body to hold proper posture, boost endurance, and increase mobility all through exercise and nutrition. When training your body in these areas you also gain the ability to maintain and improve health, ultimately helping to prevent, mitigate, and potentially cure a variety of pains, strains, and discomforts. I’m now proud to say that I maintain a strong 185 pounds. 

At the time I broke my shoulder through August 2016, I had been working in the restaurant industry and then as a wines salesperson. I was, well technically still am, a certified sommelier. My job, was as a wine sales professional, traveling the east coast speaking about, selling, and drinking wine, and I did plenty of drinking! Ironically, alcohol was the drug of choice for my father and that was the beginning of the end to his demise. After years of overconsumption, realizing my potential destiny based on my father’s demise, I decided to change my life. That’s why I left the world of alcohol if you will and dove headfirst into health and fitness. 

I had always been active and fit on my own, but it was now time to work towards removing alcohol and helping others change their lives through movement and nutrition. 

Since leaving the alcohol industry, I’ve been working with individuals from all walks of life which has led me to one overarching conclusion; almost everyone needs to loosen up their body more so than they do. Regardless of whether you’re active at the gym, inactive and remain seated most of the day, or somewhere in between, most people need to loosen up more than they do. 

That’s why I’ve created my Recovery and Release Mobility Class. My class educates individuals in a group setting, about how to loosen up their bodies using total body movement, exploration of joint range of motion, and then the proper use of foam rollers and lacrosse balls. 

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way? Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
No, it has not been a smooth road. Coming from a completely different industry, I immediately needed to learn everything about an entire industry as well as everything about personal training. 

It was always difficult getting clients, considering I offered a niche service that was traveling to my clients. Then COVID hit, and I transitioned to online group Zoom workouts. 

It took a while to realize the focus of my company and find my target market. I experimented and focused my efforts on functional movement focus, travelers, golfers, whole food nutrition, and more. 

Without all of the bumps in the road, I wouldn’t be as clear as I am right now about what I need to educate people about, which is how to loosen up their bodies through movement, foam rollers, and lacrosse balls. Why? because people are tight, complain about that tightness and pain, and then many don’t have an avenue to do something about it. My Recovery and Release class is that option. 

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
The current focus at Hoffman’s Fitness is our Recovery and Release Mobility Class. It is a group class that provides instruction to participants about how to loosen up their bodies by addressing posture, exploring movement, self-massage with foam rollers and lacrosse balls, as well as various forms of stretching. The following is the 5 Step Process that each class follows. It’s a process, that I have developed based on experience in the industry. 

Step 1, Proper Posture: Everything functions more properly when we’re holding proper posture. That includes your respiratory, circulatory, nervous systems, all systems! As it relates to this class, however, we’re focused on the ability of the skeletal system to be manipulated by our muscular system, a.k.a.; movement. In this first step, we’ll break down exactly what proper posture is and how to hold it. 

Step 2, Joint Range of Motion. All joints have range of motion within which they should be able to move. Considering our modern lifestyles, however, many people are not able to control their bodies through their joints’ ranges of motion. This step is important because it helps to warm up the body as well as explore our joint’s ranges of motion looking for restrictions and tightness. 

Step 3, Total Body Movement: We’ll practice the squat, deadlift, push-up, and similar to learn how to perform them properly, but also to help further loosen up and explore physical restriction in the body. This step also has a real-life benefit, because people need to get in and out of the car, on and off of the toilet (everybody does it!), place things in the overhead cabinet, and similar. This step allows you to learn how to do those things properly so that the movement translates into everyday life. 

Step 4, Foam rolling and lacrosse balls: Now that you’re blood is flowing, you’ve warmed up your soft tissue, and we’ve explored how the body is moving, we’ll get down onto foam rollers and lacrosse balls to practice self-massage to loosen up built-up knots and tight areas on the body that could be restricting movement.

We are currently looking to expand our class into Fitness Centers, Crossfit Boxes, Yoga Studios, and Wellness Centers across the country.

Our class is mobile, which means we bring our foam rollers and lacrosse balls to our clients. In this case, the fitness director at Westminster has contracted with us to teach at their complex. We find this as a unique opportunity to bring our class to our customers.

Step 5, Stretching: After we’ve loosened up through movement and softened up our tissue with self-massage, now it’s time to properly elongate and stretch the muscles that have been focused on for a long-term change. 

Everyone should understand how to properly hold their bodies, control them through movement, and loosen up when they want to. This class empowers them to be able to do so, and nobody offers a class like it. We’re incredibly excited to offer it! 

Current Class Offerings: 

-The Brickyard DTSP, a local Gym that’s really doing great things for physically active people’s strength and fitness. 

-BeyondPoses Yoga studio, helping yogis dive deeper into their physical restrictions and improve their Yoga poses. We offer a -St Pete Beach Community center, helping to inform individuals with all wellness interests to participate. 

-Enhanced Body Ivology Wellness center in Dunedin under their Red-Light Therapy Light. It’s an incredible opportunity to experience all of the anti-inflammatory benefits of red light, as well as the mobility and loosening benefits of our Recovery and Release Mobility Class. 

-Westminster Apartments, our class is mobile, which means we bring our foam rollers and lacrosse balls to our clients. In this case, the fitness director at Westminster has contracted with us to teach at their complex. We find this as a unique opportunity to bring our class to our customers, 

-Sweat Bar Fitness. We’re scheduled to offer our class to this Voted Best Gym in Pittsburgh, PA. We’ll offer our class multiple times this week as well as plan for future Class seminars and training. 

We are currently looking to expand our class into Fitness Clubs, Yoga Studios, and Wellness centers across the country. 

Are there any apps, books, podcasts, blogs or other resources you think our readers should check out?
Napolean Hill, Think and Grow Rich (updated version for the 21st century). This book changed the game for me. it’s really about focusing your mind on a goal and what you want, and then almost religiously working towards achieving it. Keith Ferrazzi, Never Eat Alone, as an introvert, I’m not always inclined to interact with people, but I really like how this book encourages you to interact with people, through the people you know. Interesting information. 

Mark Hyman, Food Fix. The WORLD’s food system is broken and it is a problem. Everyone that cares even a little bit about their nutrition and their health should read this book. 

Kelly Starrett, Becoming a Supple Leopard. There is only so much information you can learn through the fundamentals of personal training. The information in this book, from a physical therapist’s perspective, was fundamental in taking the information I know about personal training and lifting it up a notch to what I know today. 

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