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Conversations with Rico Coar

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rico Coar. 

Hi Rico, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I work professionally as a Registered Nurse at a local Hospital here in St. Petersburg. During the pandemic, I was scared for a little while about my job it was the height of the pandemic when things first started shutting down completely. I was worried I might get sick and not be able to work as a nurse, so I was brainstorming what could I do just in case I couldn’t keep working professionally as an RN. So, one at my job on night shift I was talking to another nurse who mentioned a friend of hers just finished an esthetician program! And just like that, an ah-ha moment came to me I could do skincare! I have always enjoyed the process of choosing skincare products and buying them in the stores and really appreciating the experience of skincare it both a relaxing thing for me and exciting thing because I like corrective skincare so the process of correcting hyperpigmentation also known as dark spots gets me excited to see the outcome. Even though the ah-ha moment came and felt ecstatic about getting the idea of the business, I still thought on it for the next few days. I reassured myself if was the tight idea for me and that I should move forward with it because all throughout my life I have thoroughly been engaged in skincare. My mom confirmed it for me she chuckled when I told her about the idea and said I remember when you were little and made facial scrubs and mixed-up lotions it’s the perfect business for you to start, she said. Also, I remember wear sunscreen routinely even as a kid because I learned it protected our skin from damaging sun rays and this was back when sunscreen was pretty much all mineral-based and left a pasty white cast on my dark-colored skin. I didn’t care about that at all because I knew that mineral sunscreen was reflecting the damaging sun rays and helping me keep my clear-toned skin complexion and that excited me. So, I was assured this was a great idea and the idea. I had clinical skills and education about medication and ingredients that positioned to a jump start on learning esthetician skills, I started looking for programs to get the training necessary to get a license to practice as an esthetician. The school provided me with the information I needed to qualify for my licensure. While in school I started my LLC and worked with clients privately to start building my clientele. While In school I developed a business plan, identifying my ideal type of clients which are people who want safe and effective skincare provided with easy-to-understand information that can help the client make smart decisions about services and products to purchase, also my idea clients appreciate the opportunity to come in and get relaxing services that can destress them and help them unplug from daily stresses. While developing my business plan and identifying my idea clients I wanted to make sure and let my community know they are welcome and very much appreciated my community included anyone who supports or identifies as LGBTQ people and minorities that may not feel they can get quality safe effective skincare. So, while in school I finished the business plan and started looking for locations to lease. I had a lot of support from my husband he encouraged to take my time researching places to lease after school finished. I looked for weeks lots of places that I reached out to were way out of my budget, many of the places never returned phone calls, and some of the bluntly stated they didn’t want a skincare/day spa business in the building, other places I visited we to small pr didn’t have the requirements I needed to meet like a sink nearby and an accessible shower. I finally found my location in May 2021 and signed my lease for a month agreement, that was very risky but actually, it worked out well for me. It was In Largo not Saint Petersburg. Where I wanted to be but it was a start, I could afford the rent and it was a space I could be proud of, also I had a vision of moving to Saint Petersburg in the near future so this location allowed me to get started and have a place to see clients. I had a few clients I was working with during school so that was my first saving grace and they wanted to rebook it was really on about 3 people but it was better than no clients. My Husband helped by posting me on social media and telling his friends and coworkers about me and the Business Florida Boy Skincare. That helped a lot! A few of his coworkers did book services with me and have become repeat clients. I also shared with a few of my coworkers at the hospital that I started a business and a few of them asked me some questions about the services and word of my spread and a few of the nurses on the day shift booked services and even recommended me to their families, one coworker even booked services for her teenager who was dealing with acne. I tried using a few other platforms unsuccessfully. Then I learned about a few Facebook groups and one called St. Pete Boys really help spread the word about the business and got me a few new clients. I am still learning how to effectively use social media to help get new clients and to help effectively promote my business. It has been a lot of new skills I am developing to make this business grow. Now I have consistently gained more clients. People have mostly come by my business because of word of mouth, people especially like to get body facials like the back facial and Butt facial people also like to get the manzillian facial. They like the services the most because they have problems areas in those area’s and they feel happy to have the opportunity to have a professional treatment to correct the hyperpigmentation or discoloration on the butt or bikini area or back, especially people who get back acne they really appreciate the service. Now I am officially in the process of transitioning to my Saint Petersburg location!! Very exciting and very much due to my awesome clients. I sincerely appreciate them choosing my business and trusting me to do their services. I have a connection with each of my clients and that what makes them feel safe and comfortable my studio. It’s because of that connection and trust that clients do come and tell me their problem areas and some of these are painful insecurities and they trust me enough to come up with an effective plan of correction. These experiences also help inspire me to continue learning and looking for new fun and exciting services to offering. 

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
There are many roles to manage as a solo entrepreneur and there is a lot of time spent learning new things not only related to the regulations of having a business but also in terms of making the business successful. There is a steep learning curve and time management is challenging. Marketing for the business is also difficult because there in not a guarantee on the amount of paying clients you will get when you spend money on advertising. Learning effective ways to promote the business is challenge also and can be very costly. Dividing business time from family time is important and the two can become mixed very easily it has both pros and cons. Learning about license requirements to provide skincare services was also difficult especially identifying what are the required items to have in the studio for state requirements. Business planning and goal setting effectively is sometimes complicated and overwhelming. Keeping business and personal spending separate and paperwork organized is another challenge. And finally getting more new and returning clients from the advertising efforts is a challenge. 

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I work full time professionally as a Registered nurse a hospital near downtown Saint Petersburg. I work in acute care. I have work in many different settings in my nursing career ranging from Intensive critical care units to wound care all the way to end-of-life care at a hospice care center. What I am most proud of is have the ability to work with people directly and use my knowledge in healthcare, science and use it to benefit patients at times when they need it most. On my unit, I am known for having a positive attitude and coming into work with my hats on my co-workers love seeing me in my wide-brim hats, and I’m also known for skincare my coworkers always find me to ask about skincare ingredients and what might work dark circles around the eyes or fixing there fine-lines and wrinkles near the eyes and addressing acne is a common question people ask me about. What helps me stand out and sets me apart from other in my business industry is my Registered nursing background. When I am taking care of a client skin my knowledge of anatomy and physiology to understand how the mechanism of action of the products, I use are going to effectively help correct my clients’ skin concerns, having my nursing background help me prepare for adverse reactions and it also me to effectively explain to clients what to expect from products. Also, the nursing background engraved in me to use best practices and evidence-based interventions for treatments, I can also help clients set realistic expectations, this is beneficial to my clients because I am also aware of other advanced options and I can inform the client about other ways to reach the goals if I think they would benefit from a more medically aggressive procedure. And above all things what helps me stand out is my goal to provide safe skincare especially for clients with multi-cultural skin or darker skin types this includes people for Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean, and parts of North and South American. It’s easy to get burned or end up leaving many esthetician practices worse than how you came, especially when you get into having chemical peels done. I understand how to safely and appropriately choose chemical to reduce the risk of causing burning or worsening of hyperpigmentation. This knowledge is imperative when treating multi-cultural skin or deeper colored skin tones. 

Risk-taking is a topic that people have widely differing views on – we’d love to hear your thoughts.
Risk-taking at times is necessary at times Preparation for taking risks is what makes taking risks less risky. There was a risk in switching locations but the reward of moving to a more busy location in St Petersburg was completely worth it. I looked at pros and cons I planned and prepared. In the future I see myself taking other risks to get greater rewards. I am confident that any risk I take will is most likely going to turn out beneficial for me and if it doesn’t it will be a learning situation and in the bigger perspective that’s still a win. 


  • Butt Facial $100
  • Back Facial $100
  • Microdermabrasion Facial $90
  • Full body Microdermabrasion Exfoliating treatment $230
  • Manzilian Facial $95

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